Thanks to key workers helping ‘keep the lights on’

Following a recent catch-up call with Robert Gunn, the director of EDF’s Torness power station near Dunbar, Iain Gray MSP has paid tribute to the station’s staff and their role in maintaining the nation’s power supply during lockdown.

Speaking about his gratitude for these key workers and others working in the utilities through the pandemic, Iain Gray MSP said:

“Every Thursday we rightly pay tribute to NHS staff, carers and other key workers who have continued working throughout the current crisis. Among the unsung key workers are those working in the utilities, keeping vital services like power, water and telecommunications running.

“This group includes the 600 plus staff at EDF’s Torness power station. When I spoke with the station’s director recently he explained how the plant has been helping to ‘keep the lights on’ during the crisis.

“Of course, Torness already had a detailed plan in place for the eventuality of a pandemic, and has managed to continue operating uninterrupted throughout the lockdown. A workforce well used to putting health and safety first have adopted stringent measures allowing the plant to keep producing electricity.

“Indeed through the coronavirus crisis the plant has delivered one of the longest continuous periods of generation since it was commissioned. Not only that, it has also contributed to the response to the crisis in other ways, including donating a large number of face masks to one of Scotland’s largest care providers.

“I thank the staff at Torness, as well as all the other dedicated workers in our utilities for everything they are doing to help keep society functioning during this pandemic.”

Mr Gray has also submitted a motion in the Scottish Parliament thanking the workforce at Torness and other utilities workers for everything they have been doing during the pandemic.