Supporting Child Safety Week

Child Safety Week (1 to 7 June 2020) is an annual community education campaign week run by national charity the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT).

This year the week is changing in response to COVID-19, in order to help meet the changing needs of families and the frontline staff who support them during the pandemic. CAPT has adapted the Child Safety Week Parents’ Pack, so it helps parents take on child safety successfully.

The charity has also developed new content that practitioners can use right now in their digital communications, however they’re reaching out to families. This includes its top tips for child safety during lockdown and beyond, plus advice on preventing burns and poisoning.

CAPT is also reworking the Child Safety Week Action Pack as a year-round resource, so practitioners can use it in face-to-face work with families as lockdown eases.

Ahead of the start of the week, which he will be helping to promote, Iain Gray MSP said:

“Most children continue to be at home most of the time, which can be an incredibly challenging situation for parents. As well as coping with home schooling and other issues raised by lockdown, they also have to ensure that their children stay safe and avoid accidents.

“This means that Child Safety Week will be timely for many parents. It offers an opportunity to consider top tips for child safety during lockdown and beyond and put in place measures to help avoid accidents or other mishaps at home.

“The Child Accident Prevention Trust’s website and social media contain a wealth of useful advice and information and are well worth a visit during the week.”

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