STUC advice on COVID-19 and fair work

Following numerous complaints about companies remaining open for non-essential work and pressuring employees to present for work even while business was suspended, the STUC has issued a stark warning to employers.

It has warned that they could find themselves in implied breach of contract and face future constructive dismissal claims if judged to be endangering workers.

Iain Gray MSP is urging any local workers who find themselves in this situation to contact their workplace trade union, if they have one, for advice and support.  If they are not a member of a union or in a unionised workplace, they can contact the STUC for advice.

Find further information about the STUC’s position on this issue at

The STUC has today also announced a joint statement with the Scottish Government on fair work expectations during the COVID-19 crisis.

As well as seeking to clarify the issues above, the statement also covers how fair work principles should be applied during the current crisis.

The full statement can be found here

If you are not currently a trade union member, but would like to obtain the protection and support membership affords you in the workplace, please find out about joining one now using this link