State of roads direct result of funding cuts

Reacting to a report showing that a third of the road network in East Lothian is in need of repair, Iain Gray MSP has insisted that the blame lies at the door of the Scottish Government, following cuts of £25m to East Lothian Council’s central funding over the last five years.

Commenting on the report, Iain Gray MSP said:

“The condition of roads is a problem across Scotland. A report earlier this year confirmed that local authorities have cut road maintenance budgets by 20% since 2011. This is a direct result of the Scottish Government slashing council funding over this period, with East Lothian Council having suffered cuts of around £25 million in the last five years.

“However, I know that while many other authorities have had to cut spending on roads, East Lothian Council has done its utmost to protect the budget. The Scottish Government needs to recognise the impact its cuts are having and give local authorities the funding they need to protect services, including road maintenance.”