St Andrew’s First Aid #Savinglivesforthefuture campaign

St Andrew’s First Aid, Scotland’s only dedicated first aid charity, has launched a new fundraising campaign to help raise half a million pounds and ensure that it can continue its ambition to create a nation of lifesavers – an ambition for which everyone can play a valuable role.

Through the impact of Covid-19, St Andrew’s First Aid has seen its regular sources of income slashed. The charity has launched a public campaign to raise much-needed funds to support its important work.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“St Andrews First Aid has performed a vital role across Scottish society for 140 years. In countless disaster and emergency situations up and down the country, its volunteers have been the first ones on the scene, tending to casualties and saving lives. 

“Like so many other charities, it is now facing a financial crisis brought on by the impact of Covid-19. I’m pleased to help promote its call for assistance and encourage anyone who feels the same way to donate to its fundraising campaign now.”

Stuart Callison, chief executive of St Andrew’s First Aid, said:

“The pandemic has delivered us a brutal blow. Without any events taking place or training courses to deliver, our income literally dried up overnight.

“As Scotland’s only dedicated first aid charity, we have a unique history that has woven us into the very fabric of the country. Without our volunteers on site, there could be no football matches, music concerts or community gatherings and our favourite food and drink festivals would be drastically restricted in size.

“I hope that the people of Scotland will get behind us and our incredible volunteers, so that we can still be around in another 140 years.”

It is easy to support St Andrew’s First Aid in its time of need – just Text SAFA to 70660 or access the fundraising page at donate now to donate £10 and help the charity save lives for the future.