Quizzed by PL Modern Studies students

Iain Gray MSP has visited Preston Lodge High School for a Q & A session with a Modern Studies Higher class.

The visit came about because the class is visiting the Scottish Parliament next week but Mr Gray will not be available to meet them at that time.

Speaking after his visit, Iain Gray MSP said:

“Whenever local schools visit the Scottish Parliament, I make time to meet with them and answer their questions as part of their programme. Unfortunately, when Preston Lodge Modern Studies Higher class visit next week that just will not be possible, so instead I went into the school.

“That meant they got an hour to grill me instead of 30 minutes, and some of the N5 and Advanced Higher class joined in too! As you might expect from students who have been working on democracy for a few months, the questions were searching and wide ranging from Brexit to the importance of parliamentary committees.

“I wish them all good luck with the visit and with their essays and exams!”