Praise for pupils’ showcase at science teaching conference

Iain Gray MSP was delighted to meet a group of pupils from Humbie primary at this year’s Primary Science Education Conference in Edinburgh.

Mr Gray was at the conference as a member of the Parliament’s Education Committee, which is currently carrying out an investigation into progress on the Scottish Government’s STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Education Strategy.

The conference is organised by the Primary Science Teaching Trust and their key partners in Scotland, SSERC (Scottish Schools Education Research Centre) who promote science in schools, and train primary teachers in delivering Science education.

Humbie Primary was amongst a handful of schools chosen to showcase their good practice in science based learning at the conference. They have been working on climate change, including some imaginative practical work re-using materials, for example turning shopping bags into a turtle, and plastic bottles into “bricks”.

They also produced some banners in solidarity with the schoolchildren who joined climate change protests recently.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“The Parliament’s Education Committee has been focusing on science teaching in primary schools, having heard much evidence that if we wish more pupils to pursue STEM subjects in secondary school (and beyond) their interest has to have been captured in primary school or even nursery.

“Particular issues we have identified are a lack of confidence in science amongst some primary teachers, and a lack of support staff to support such work. All this is very close to my heart having been a Science teacher, albeit many years ago.

“I was delighted to meet the Humbie primary school pupils at the conference. Their experience shows that science can be taught in ways that engage and inspire the imagination of children at primary school. Their enthusiasm was infectious and their confidence in explaining their work to conference delegates a real credit to the school and their teachers.”