North Berwick Rotary members welcomed to Holyrood

A group of North Berwick Rotary Club members were welcomed to Holyrood by the county’s MSP Iain Gray earlier this week.

Mr Gray had spoken at a meeting of the town’s Rotary Club earlier this year where members had expressed an interest in visiting the Scottish Parliament to find out more about how it functions. The group enjoyed a tour of the Parliament building before their meeting with Mr Gray.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“One of the many positive aspects of the Scottish Parliament is how open and accessible it is to the public. Thousands of groups and individuals visit every year to find out more about how the Parliament works and what MSPs do on their behalf.

“I will always find time to meet with groups from East Lothian and was particularly pleased to welcome the members of North Berwick Rotary Club to Holyrood this week. They had been very welcoming earlier in the year when I attended one of their local meetings, so it was a pleasure to be able to return the favour.

“These tours usually end with a Q&A session, and the Rotary certainly came up with some tricky questions!

“I encourage other local groups and organisations to consider arranging similar visits to see for themselves how we conduct our business and the breadth of activity that takes place at Holyrood.”