MSP marks 500th anniversary of birth of John Knox

Iain Gray MSP has supported a motion in Parliament to mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of one of Scotland’s most important historical figures, the theological reformer John Knox who was born in Haddington.

The motion notes Knox’s contribution to modern Scotland and Protestantism, and that he is recognised as the founding father of the Scottish Reformation and of Presbyterianism in Scotland. It also acknowledges the events taking place in Haddington and elsewhere in Scotland to celebrate the important anniversary.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“John Knox is one of the really towering figures in Scotland’s history and it is fitting that we should mark this significant anniversary at Holyrood. I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed in the motion and welcome the fact that it acknowledges Haddington as Knox’s birthplace.

“The work that Knox did all those years ago was incredibly influential in Scotland’s development, not only theologically, but also in other important aspects of society. I hope that people of all faiths and none will take the time to find out a little more about Knox and his contribution to Scotland in this anniversary year.”