Local pupils welcomed to Holyrood

A group of P7 pupils from Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School were welcomed to the Scottish Parliament today by Iain Gray MSP.

Mr Gray hosted a question and answer session with the pupils, who were visiting Holyrood through its education outreach programme.

The visit was part of the work undertaken by the Parliament’s Education Service’s School Visits programme to help inform schoolchildren from across Scotland about the Parliament and how it works.

Speaking after the pupils’ visit, Iain Gray MSP said:

“Schools from all around East Lothian have visited the Scottish Parliament to see for themselves how decisions are made. I always try my best to meet them in order to welcome them to the Parliament and answer their questions about our democracy.

“This group of P7 pupils from Sanderson’s Wynd were clearly well prepared for their visit. They asked plenty of insightful questions about how Parliament works and the role of MSPs and had some great answers to my questions too.”