Iain will back amendments to strengthen animal welfare laws

Iain Gray MSP will today back amendments to strengthen the Animals and Wildlife Bill by toughening legal penalties in cases of cruelty, selling illegal pesticides and failure to comply with protected marine areas.

The amendments submitted by Scottish Labour colleagues at Stage 3 of the Bill will also mean landowners are held accountable when crimes against wildlife are committed on their land, and will give courts the option of imposing restorative justice sentences aimed at developing empathy skills for offenders where appropriate.

If carried, these amendments will improve and reinforce the Bill as it is enshrined in law.

Commenting on the amendments, Iain Gray MSP said:

“All of Scotland is poorer when our biodiversity diminishes, and it is absolutely right that our wildlife, both land and sea, are offered better protections during a climate and environmental emergency.

“The Scottish Government has a chance today to improve its record on animal rights and agree to the holistic set of amendments tabled by my colleagues to tackle issues such as inadequate penalties for animal abuse and wildlife protection, poor information sharing, and the inconsistent use of Disqualification Orders.”