Iain welcomes vision for future of outdoor residential education

Iain Gray MSP has welcomed the launch of a new vision paper on the future of outdoor residential education in Scotland.

Written by a coalition of groups, including The Outward Bound Trust, Scottish Outdoor Education Centres and Scouts Scotland, “A Vision for Young People 2021-2031” sets out to help embed outdoor education across the curriculum and guarantee all young people in Scotland an outdoor residential experience.

The vision paper already enjoys cross-party support, as well as the backing of a wide range of other organisations engaged in outdoor residential education.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“I welcome this bold and ambitious plan for the next decade of outdoor residential education in Scotland and recognise just how vital learning in the outdoors is to providing young people with as wide a range of experiences as possible, strengthening their potential and increasing learning opportunities.

“The next generation of young people who have had their learning impacted on by Covid-19 related lockdowns, home learning and remote learning need access to outdoor education opportunities more than ever.

“All the evidence shows outdoor learning can help close the poverty related attainment gap and provides significant educational, health and wellbeing, social and personal development benefits.

“This vision sets out all the reasons outdoor residential education matters, and why all levels of government in Scotland need to provide the adequate support and resources the sector needs to deliver for the next generation of young people.”

The vision paper can be found at https://bit.ly/3qwD78r.