Iain welcomes local pupils to Holyrood

Pupils from two local primary schools were welcomed to the Scottish Parliament by Iain Gray MSP last week, in the latest of a series of educational visits by youngsters from the county.

Mr Gray met the groups of pupils, from Sanderson’s Wynd and Yester primaries, at the Parliament and answered their questions about how it operates and his own role as East Lothian’s constituency MSP.

The visits were part of the Parliament Education Service’s ongoing School Visits programme to introduce children to Holyrood and how it works. Several East Lothian schools have now taken advantage of this service to visit the Parliament and provide their pupils with the opportunity to find out more about how it functions and what MSPs do there.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“I always enjoy welcoming pupils from East Lothian to Holyrood. It’s great that local schools work so hard to help ensure children are well informed about our political process. Many schools from around the county have now visited the Parliament, with hundreds of children benefiting from the experience.

“The pupils from Sanderson’s Wynd and Yester primaries were very engaged and asked some great questions – definitely quite a few politicians in the making I think! I hope that they found their visits interesting and useful, and look forward to welcoming many more local schools to Holyrood in the future.”

Visit www.scottish.parliament.uk/visitandlearn/Education/613.aspx for more information about the Parliament’s education service.