Iain welcomes Committee U-turn on Bill to protect private tenants 

The Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill, which aims to protect renters from uncontrolled rent increases, has been given another shot at success due to a dramatic U-turn from the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government Committee.

In June this year, the Committee said it had run out of time to take the Bill to Stage One, meaning it would have no chance of being considered before next year’s Holyrood election.

After a sustained campaign by Scottish Labour and Mike Dailly at the Govan Law Centre, the Committee announced this week that they would now be taking evidence with a view to proceeding with the Bill.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“I was very concerned that a vital piece of legislation like this had been dropped by a committee. For that reason, I was pleased that Mike Dailly, of his own accord, took a petition to the Court of Session on behalf of his client Jayne Ely from ‘Living Rent’.

“I am absolutely delighted that the Local Government Committee have now had a change of heart. Tenants in East Lothian, now more than ever, need an effective set of laws that give them the right to have their rent assessed and action to curb above inflation rate increases. 

“I call on the Scottish Government to listen to renters in these difficult times and support this bill as a first step in serious law reform in the private rented sector.”

Jayne Ely from Living Rent said:

“I’m really pleased that this Bill is finally going to be considered by Parliament.

“It is important for low income families like mine that this issue is taken seriously, especially given the effect the coronavirus is having on our incomes and jobs.”