Iain welcomes commitment to CPR training in local schools

Iain Gray MSP has welcomed the announcement that secondary school pupils in East Lothian will all have access to CPR training before they leave school.

The decision follows a nationwide campaign by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland charity encouraging councils across Scotland to make the life-saving commitment.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“I’m really pleased that East Lothian is among the local authorities to commit to training all secondary pupils in CPR. This move will bring about significant educational and health benefits for the pupils and their local communities.

“It’s important not only because it means they could potentially help save the life of a loved one, friend or someone else in their community, but also because it gives them new skills and knowledge for life. I commend East Lothian Council for this initiative and BHF Scotland for their outstanding campaigning on the issue.”

Mr Gray has also marked the news in a motion in the Scottish Parliament:

“That the Parliament welcomes East Lothian Council’s announcement that it will be providing lifesaving CPR training for every secondary pupil; understands that this decision has been taken with the aim of tackling poor Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest survival rates, both in East Lothian Council and across the whole of Scotland, where only 1 in 12 people can expect to survive a cardiac arrest; recognises that international best practice from Denmark, Norway and Seattle indicates that training all secondary pupils in this vital skill has the potential to greatly improve cardiac arrest survival rates; notes that this decision sees East Lothian Council join with 22 other Local Authorities across Scotland in pledging to equip all secondary pupils with this skill; and acknowledges that, if the nine remaining councils were to make a similar commitment, Scotland would see approximately 50,000 young people trained in lifesaving CPR every year.”