Iain criticises TSB decision to close Dunbar branch

Iain Gray MSP has criticised TSB Bank following its announcement that it intends to close it’s branch on Dunbar High Street on May 6th 2020.

The branch which opens twice a week (Monday and Thursday) offered a number of services and facilities which included access to a mortgage advisor, a counter service, free Wi-Fi and was the charity partner for Leuchie House.

The announcement of the TSB closure comes just 18 months after the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) branch on the High Street also closed its doors.

This leaves Bank of Scotland as the only bank remaining in Dunbar.

Expressing concern over the impact of the closure of the branch, Iain Gray MSP said:

“People living in Dunbar and the surrounding area will rightly be outraged that TSB Bank have taken the decision to close this local branch. Local bank branches are a vital local services and the decision to close this branch is short-sighted and wrong.

“We know that all the evidence suggests that local bank closures can have a devastating impact on communities and can hurt local small businesses.

“East Lothian has an ageing population and ensuring that our older people can still access face-to-face banking is hugely important. As more and more banking services move online there is a risk that those without internet or smartphone banking will struggle to access their money and banking services easily without a local branch to visit.

“Following the spate of bank closures over the past 18 months this leaves Dunbar with a third of the banking service provision it previously had and TSB should urgently reverse this decision and continue to operate this vital branch service in Dunbar.”