Iain backs Firework Dog Code

Iain Gray MSP has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament and given his backing to the Dogs Trust, Firework Dog Code ahead of this year’s firework season and bonfire night.

Dogs feel safe and secure when they can predict and control their environment, so when unexplained noises happen unexpectedly, such as those caused by fireworks, this can be extremely stressful for dogs. Because of this the Dogs Trust have created the Firework Dog Code to help protect dogs during the firework season and in the build-up to bonfire night.

The Code recommends that members of the public attend local displays where possible, and if they are holding their own private display, to follow some simple steps to reduce the impact on pets in their local area. They are also providing advice through their website to dog owners on how they can make fireworks less stressful for their dogs.

Commenting on the Firework Dog Code, Iain Gray MSP said:

“I’ve lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament encouraging as many people as possible to observe the Dogs Trust, Firework Dog Code, to help make the firework season and bonfire night as enjoyable for as many people as possible.

“I know first-hand that the fireworks season can be upsetting and traumatic for dogs and their owners. Many people are left concerned about their pet’s welfare and the challenging behaviours associated with noise created by fireworks.  That’s why I am backing the Code to ensure that people can enjoy fireworks responsibly without causing fear and alarm to pet owners.

“The Firework Dog Code asks people to follow five simple steps to help protect dogs and I am encouraging everyone in East Lothian to support it.”