Iain backs conservation charity’s work

Local MSP Iain Gray has given his support to the work of a global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins.

Representatives of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) were at the Scottish Parliament to tell MSPs about their work, which includes various activity in Scotland through its Shorewatch Programme.

The charity is also highlighting issues such as the harm that plastic in the marine environment is causing to whales and dolphins, and the entanglement threat fishing gear can pose to whales.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“Scotland’s coastline is one of the best places for land-based whale and dolphin watching in Europe. This gives us wonderful opportunities to see these majestic creatures but also puts a responsibility on us to help protect and conserve whales and dolphins in Scottish waters.

“Whale and Dolphin Conservation undertakes outstanding work across the globe to raise awareness around the protection of cetaceans, and I was pleased to learn more about the charity’s activity at Holyrood.

“It’s clear that there is much we can do here in Scotland. One crucial issue the charity raised is the harm caused by plastics in our marine environment. Of course, this is a wider problem and one which local environmental charity, Fidra, has been at the forefront of helping to tackle with its great nurdle hunt initiative.

“I would encourage anyone in East Lothian who wants to help protect whales and dolphins to find out more about WDC and how they can get involved with its work at www.whales.org.”