Global Coronavirus funding appeal renewed

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has renewed its Coronavirus Appeal to raise funds to help the world’s most fragile countries battling Coronavirus on top of enormous existing humanitarian challenges.

DEC is renewing its appeal due to the mounting needs in places like Yemen, Syria and other fragile states becoming increasingly overwhelming.

The urgent need in these countries is not just due to the impact of the spread of the virus, but also the severe knock on effects on local economies and of course millions of people who have been forced from their homes by civil war or other disasters, floods/droughts/locusts and more.

Supporting DEC’s renewed call, Iain Gray MSP said:

“Coronavirus has heightened existing problems in many of the world’s poorest countries and put their health and welfare systems under immense strain. This week, DEC launched a shocking new report highlighting the extreme need which now threatens famine in many places around the world.  

“The charities that are working under the DEC umbrella are undertaking vital work to support those in need through the crisis and need more funds to support them with their efforts. I would encourage anyone who wants to support their work to donate to the fund at”

The DEC’s new report can be read at