Extension of fracking moratorium welcomed, but we still need full legal ban

Iain Gray MSP has welcomed an extended moratorium on fracking, but says East Lothian still needs the protection of a full legal ban

Following Labour pressure, including a proposed Member’s Bill to ban fracking, SNP ministers have finally got off the fence and extended their moratorium on fracking indefinitely.

However, this decision could be overturned by a future government and does not offer Scotland the protection of a full legal ban.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“This is a victory for Labour, environmental groups, and communities across East Lothian and Scotland.

“Labour has long argued that the climate change science is clear – we do not need another fossil fuel. Instead Scotland needs to develop forms of renewable energy with unionised and well paid jobs.

“This announcement is a result of Labour pressure including a proposal from Labour MSP Claudia Beamish to change the law to ban fracking in Scotland.

“But extending the moratorium indefinitely is not as strong as a full legal ban, and could be overturned at any point at the whim of a minister.

“These proposals don’t go far enough. They do not offer the protection of Labour’s proposal, that is why Labour will continue to push for a full legal ban.”