Backing campaign to scrap cap on nurses’ pay

County MSP Iain Gray has given his backing the Royal College of Nursing’s campaign to scrap the one per cent cap on nurses’ pay.

Mr Gray attended the RCN Scotland rally at Parliament this week and signed up to support its campaign to end the pay restraint on nurses and other public sector workers, which has been in place since 2013.

Iain Gray MSP said:

I was delighted to join Labour colleagues in backing the campaign and urging an end to the pay cap for nurses. It cannot be fair that nurses and other public sector workers are effectively experiencing pay cuts when the cost of living continues to rise.

“I want nurses and other public servants in East Lothian to have fair pay increases that reflect the huge contribution they make to society. That has to mean scrapping the pay cap.

“The SNP and Tories have both been all over the place on this issue, with the Tories voting to block an end to the cap at Westminster and the SNP voting against ending it here at Holyrood.

“It is clear that only Labour really values public sector workers and will fight for them to get the fair pay they deserve.”

Mr Gray has also signed up to support the parliamentary motion, below, tabled by his Labour colleague Anas Sarwar, which not a single SNP MSP has supported:

That the Parliament notes the Royal College of Nursing’s scrap the cap campaign, which is asking the UK Government to end the 1% cap on nursing pay increases; understands that nursing pay has reduced by between 9% and 14% in real terms since 2011; notes that the Royal College of Nursing is reporting low levels of morale among its members; believes that the 1% cap on nursing pay devalues nursing staff and nursing, leading to challenges with recruitment and retention; further believes that these challenges with pay, recruitment and retention are putting patient care at risk; recognises that nursing staff’s loss of earnings is severely impacting on their quality of life, and supports the Royal College of Nursing’s scrap the cap campaign.