Allowing young people to have their stories heard

Iain Gray MSP showed his support for the work of Corra Foundation as they shared their ground-breaking Everyone Has a Story report at a reception in the Scottish Parliament.

Everyone Has a Story was a piece of work that took a new approach to filling in the gaps in the knowledge, support and evidence for children and young people impacted by parental recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

The work culminated in a report which shone a light on the stories of children and young people and outlined how support services could be delivered to best address their recovery needs. The project was funded in partnership with the Scottish Government and The Robertson Trust and was facilitated and delivery supported by Evaluation Support Scotland and Ice Cream Architecture.

The reception heard from young people and provided an update on work now being taken forward to embed Everyone Has a Story into practice. It also celebrated the work of Corra Foundation which has, for over 30 years, been providing grants across Scotland to improve the lives of individuals and communities experiencing disadvantage.

Iain Gray MSP said:

“I was delighted to attend this reception to not only celebrate the achievements of Corra Foundation to supporting the work of community groups in this area but also to learn more about the Everyone Has a Story project.

“It’s clear that impact of a parent or carers’ recovery journey on children and young people is significant and complex. Gaining a better understanding, by listening to children and young people, is vital and I commend the work of Corra Foundation and their partners and am pleased to lend my support to this important work.”

Fiona Duncan, Chief Executive of Corra Foundation, said:

“We heard deeply powerful insights this evening from young people who were brave enough to stand up and share their stories, as well as others who spent time at the event speaking with MSPs and others. They all strongly reinforced the key message from Everyone Has a Story which is that listening to children and young people is crucial, yet it still does not happen well enough or often enough.

“The reception was an opportunity for people, including decision makers such as Mr Gray, to meet and hear directly from children and young people who have been affected by their parent or carers’ use of alcohol and/or other drugs. The young people who spoke did so in order that other children and young people can have happier stories. We have a responsibility to act on what they tell us, and to help create positive change.”

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