Aberlady Primary School mock election

Iain Gray MSP has visited Aberlady Primary School to participate in a mock election organised by P7 pupils.

Mr Gray, who had welcomed the pupils to Holyrood last month, listened to the pupils’ election speeches and pledges before they cast their votes, with the Aberlady Eco Party winning.

Speaking after the event, Iain Gray MSP said:

“It was a privilege to help with the P7’s mock election, when all five “parties” really did themselves, and Aberlady Primary proud.  I met the class a few weeks ago and they quizzed me on many aspects of politics and being a politician.  Their policies, election leaflets and speeches clearly showed they had been listening hard. 

“In particular they were all very passionate in their arguments about improvements to the school, the village and the planet.  Perhaps the Aberlady Eco Party were thinking biggest, with their well thought out programme to act local, but think globally, and that vision may have been the secret to their election success.  Well done to everyone involved.”