2021 will be year of reckoning for SNP on schools

2021 must be the year that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are judged on their stewardship of education in Scotland, Iain Gray MSP has said.

Nicola Sturgeon described improving education in Scotland as the ‘defining mission’ of her government and said that she should be judged on her record on education.

After 13 years of the SNP running education in Scotland, their record is dismal.

• Spending per pupil has fallen.
• Teacher numbers are still below 2007 levels.
• Class size targets have been missed.
• Scotland is sliding down the international PISA rankings.
• Pupils were unfairly treated in the SQA results scandal.
• The attainment gap has persisted.
• Funding for university students has been eroded in real terms.

Scottish Labour has said that the SNP’s record on education is nothing more than a ‘litany of failure’ and has warned that the SNP must now be judged on their stewardship of education.

Commenting, Iain Gray MSP said:

“The SNP’s 13-year stewardship of education has been nothing more than a litany of failure.

“Promises made by the SNP in 2007 have not been delivered and issues such as the attainment gap have been neglected.

“What’s more John Swinney has presided over crisis after crisis, including the shameful SQA results debacle of last summer.

“Nicola Sturgeon once said, ‘judge me on education’. By all measures she, and her government, have failed abysmally – this year, as the election approaches, they must be judged and face a reckoning for that failure.

“Scottish Labour would restore funding for our schools and increase teacher numbers to at least pre-SNP levels; reducing class sizes and ensuring all pupils get the time they need with their teachers.”